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Stationery & Paper Goods

Digital Stationery Collection for Paperless Post, New York

Paperless Post

Creation of a birthday invitation collection for Carteland


Eco-friendly Card Collection for Postable, NYC


printed on 100% recycled paper, see our whole collection here.

Fully customizable, find our whole collection here.

Find our collection here.
Image Copyright: Carteland

Illustrations for Dollydust Babybooks


Image Copyright: Dollydust

Home Decor & Toys

Different home decor collections for French retailer Monoprix


Several Home Decor, Toy and Bambooware collections for Petit Monkey

Petit Monkey

Eco-friendly Wallpaper for Milton & King

Milton & King

Image Copyright: Monoprix

Image Copyright: Petit Monkey

Art Prints, Wallstickers and Rugs

Menudos Cuadros

Image Copyright: Menudos Cuadros. See our whole collection here.

Home Decor Collection for Little Cloud

Little Cloud UK

Image Copyright: Little Cloud UK. 


Patterns for several eco-friendly collections for Italian company Primrose Fabrics

Primrose Fabrics

Design of several eco-friendly fabric collections for Cloud9 Fabrics

Cloud9 Fabrics

Design of Fabric Collections for Korean company Haerae

Haerae Fabrics, Korea

Copyright Image: Haerae.

Image Copyright: Primrose Fabrics

Image Copyright: Cloud9 Fabrics. See our collection here.


Development of Patterns and Placement Prints for Sergent Major

Sergent Major

Prints for Angel Dear Baby Clothing & Accessories

Angel Dear

Development of Collection for Aimez Le Style / AMIFA Japan.

AMIFA, Japan

Copyright Image: Amifa Jp.

Image Copyright: Sergent Major

Image Copyright: Angel Dear.

Patterns for Babywear Company YUAA.

YUAA, Korea

Copyright Image: YUAA Korea.

Creation of Patterns for Vertbaudet babywear.


Copyright Image: Vertbaudet.

Repeat Patterns and Placement Prints for JojoMamanBébé.


Copyright Image: JojoMamanBébé.

Gift Market

Designs for The Gift Wrap Company / International Greetings

The Gift Wrap Company

Patterns for Giftwrap, 100% recycled paper 

Impression Originale

Image Copyright: The Giftwrap Company

Image Copyright: Impression Originale. 

Branding & Editorial

Creation of logo and development of icons & website illustrations /
design of baby journals / creation of a map for Plumeti


Creation of a weekly planner printable, Editorial Illustrations for the Shopup Magazine,
Design of Gift Tags, Development of Advent Activities Calendar together with Babyccino Kids 

Babyccino Kids

Image Copyright: Plumeti

Image Copyright: Babyccino Kids.